The entire cast of Fatty's Poker share a common bond:

"The Dream" to experience the opportunity to play in the World Series of Poker Main Event and other major events with the "Elite" in the battle to become a "World Champion".


Scotte "Mayhem" is a lawyer and family man, and a devoted member of the Fatty's crew. Winning a local charity event sent Mayhem to Vegas where he placed high in a 2008 WSOP bracelet event. Mayhem's goal in life is to win a WSOP bracelet and other major poker events to become a Fatty elite player. Mayhem recently has cashed in 3 major events in 2011 and appeared at the final table at the Heartland Poker Tour Event in August finishing 7th. Mayhem had the honor of knocking Phil Ivey the world's top ranked poker player out of the WSOP Main Event in 2010. Mayhem's blow ups are legendary accumalating massive chip stacks and losing them as fast as he gets them.

Scotte's Poker profile

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